Professional Single-Season Records among Arkansans

This page is for Professional Single-Season Records among Arkansans. In this case, only records set by True Arkansans and Native Arkansans are included (see Definitions). Statistics include seasons from major leagues, minor leagues, foreign leagues and independent leagues. These lists should be considered incomplete.

Batting Average

TotalPlayerYearTeam (League)
.410Bill Dossey1954Texas City/Thibodeaux (Evangaline League)
.406I.B. Palmer1955Plainview (West Texas-New Mexico League)
.404Smead Jolley1928San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
.399Leon Cato1947Borger (West Texas-New Mexico League), Memphis (Southern Association)
.397Smead Jolley1927San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
.396George Kell1943Lancaster (Interstate League)
.387Doug Lewis1953Pampa (West Texas-New Mexico League)
.387Smead Jolley1929San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
.385Fred Bennett1927Tulsa (Western League)
.385Roy Johnson1989Campeche (Mexican League
.385Roy Sanner1948Houma (Evangelina League), Dallas (Texas League)


TotalPlayerYearTeam (League)
314 Smead Jolley 1929 San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
309 Smead Jolley 1928 San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
307 Babe Ellison 1924 San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
271 Babe Ellison 1923 San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
248 Smead Jolley 1927 San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
243 Carey Selph1926 Fort Smith (Western Association), Syracuse (International League)
239 Smead Jolley 1925 Corsicana (Texas Association), San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
236 Leon Cato 1947 Borger (West Texas-New Mexico League), Memphis (Southern Association)
234 Fred Bennett 1927 Tulsa (Western Association))
230 Babe Ellison 1925 San Francicsco (Pacific Coast League)


TotalPlayerYearTeam (League)
68Babe Ellison1924San Francicsco (Pacific Coast League)
67Babe Ellison1923San Francicsco (Pacific Coast League)
66Doug Lewis1953Pampa (West Texas-New Mexico League)
65Smead Jolley1929San Francicsco (Pacific Coast League)
62I.B. Palmer1942Lubbock (West Texas-New Mexico League_
57Doug Lewis1948Pampa (West Texas-New Mexico League)
56I.B. Palmer1953Abilene (West Texas-New Mexico League)
56Smead Jolley1940Spokane (Western International League)
55I.B. Palmer1956Carlbad (Southwestern League)
55Smead Jolley1925Corsicana (Texas Association), San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
55Fred Bennett1927Tulsa (Western League)


TotalPlayerYearTeam (League)
23 George Kell 1943Lancaster (Interstate League)
22Dave Short1939Longview (East Texas League)
22 Babe Ellison 1917St. Paul (American Association)
21 Ray Powell 1929Shawnee (Western Association)
20 Dib Williams 1929Little Rock (Southern Association)
20 Ray Powell 1910St. Joseph (Western League)
20 Art Parks 1936Jackson (Cotton States League, Allentown (New York-Penn League)
18 Marv Blaylock 1948Lawton (Sooner State League)
18 Leon Cato 1947Borger (West Texas-New Mexico League)
18 Ray Powell 1921Boston (National League)
18 Clyde McCarty 1920Okmulgee (Western Association)
18 Boss Schmidt1912Providence (International League)
18 Arky Biggs 1936Hutchinson (Western Association)


TotalPlayerYearTeam (League)
46Pat Seerey1950Colorado Springs (Western League), Memphis (Southern Association)
45Roy Sanner1952Texarkana (Big State League)
45Smead Jolley1928San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
39I.B. Palmer1955Plainview (West Texas-New Mexico)
38Smead Jolley1925Corsicana (Texas Association), San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)
38Fred Bennett1926Muskogee (Western Association), Tulsa (Western League)
37Roy Sanner1954Port Arthur (Evangeline League)
37Roy Johnson1991Campeche (Mexican League)
35Fred Bennett1928Tulsa (Western League)
35Smead Jolley1929San Francisco (Pacific Coast League)


TotalPlayerYearTeam (League)
30Dizzy Dean1934St. Louis (National League)
30Dean Franks1951Roswell (Longhorn League)
29Mutt Williams1915Minneapolis (American Association)
28Pea Ridge Day1924Muskogee (Western Association)
28Dizzy Dean1935St. Louis (National League)
28Rube Robinson1911Fort Worth (Texas League)
27Dean Franks1955Roswell (Longhorn League)
27Jimmy Zinn1923Kansas City (American Association)
27Jim Huey Walkup1924Okmulgee (Western Association), Fort Worth (Texas League)

Innings Pitched

TotalPlayerYearTeam (League)
440.0Mutt Williams1915Minneapolis (American Association)
377.0Pea Ridge Day1924Muskogee (Western Association)
371.0Rube Robinson1920Little Rock (Southern Association)
338.0Mutt Williams1921Dallas, San Antonio (Texas League)
336.0Harry Kelley1921Atlanta (Southern Association)
336.0Rube Robinson1921Little Rock (Southern Association)
332.0Joe Berry1934Joplin (Western Association)
331.0Mutt Williams1919St. Joseph (Western League), Minneapolis (American Association)
331.0Frank Dodson1924Richmond (Virginia League)
330.0Jimmy Zinn1927Kansas City (American Association)