Wood Tucker

Image Sterling Woodward "Wood" Tucker, born about 1854 in Little Rock, was an amatuer baseball player for various Little Rock clubs, most notably the Accidentals.


Wood was the son of Sterling H. Tucker, a rich North Carolina banker. Like many upper-class Little Rock boys of the era, Wood took up an interest in baseball and began playing with local clubs in 1871. He became very good at the game and in 1875 joined the Accidentals, Little Rock's premier club.

In August, Wood left the team for a time to travel to St. Paul, MN. While there, he engaged in a game of baseball with the locals against the Minneapolis club. When the St. Paul team won 23-14, the Minneapolis club claimed Tucker must have been a professional from St. Louis.

Tucker returned to Little Rock in September and helped the Accidentals win the Foul Flag Association championship. Afterwards, Tucker and the team took on the St. Louis Red Stockings in a series of two games, but lost both.


"The Minneapolis Tribune, of a recent date, gave our friend Wood Tucker a likely raking over the coals. That paper charged him with being a professional base ballist from St. Louis. It came about as follows: During the visit of Will Hallett and Wood to St. Paul, a picked nine from that city went over and warmed the Minneapolis boys 23 to 14, and Wood held his base on the third bag for St. Paul boys. He played beautifully, and was highly complimented by the press. A left-hand liner double play was loudly applauded. Glad to hear such creditable reports."(1)


1) Arkansas Gazette, 9/5/1875