Little Rock Tigers (1909)

The Little Rock Tigers were a Negro baseball team baseball in Little Rock, AR, in 1909.


The team was managed by F. Searies and G. W. Alston.

Home games were played at Faucette Park in Argenta, AR, north of Little Rock across the Arkansas River. In 1910, the team essentially became the Argenta Grays.


6/29/1909Faucette Park, Argenta, ARNew Orleans EaglesL
6/30/1909Faucette Park, Argenta, ARNew Orleans EaglesL, 4-8
7/1/1909Faucette Park, Argenta, ARNew Orleans EaglesL, 6-9
7/1/1909Faucette Park, Argenta, ARNew Orleans EaglesW, 4-1
7?/1909Helena, ARHelenaW, 10-41
7/?/1909Helena, ARHelenaL, 5-92
7/28/1909Helena, ARHelenaW, 5-43
7/29/1909Clarksville, MSClarksville4
7/30/1909Clarksville, MSClarksville5
7/31/1909Clarksville, MSClarksville6
8/1/1909Clarksville, MSClarksville7
8/3/1909Helena, ARHelena 8
8/11/1909Hot Springs, ARHot Springs GiantsW, 8-29
8/26/1909Faucette Park, Argenta, ARLittle Rock IcemenW, 6-410
9/2/1909Faucette Park, Argenta, AREagle BlacksW, 9-311
9/3/1909Faucette Park, Argenta, AREagle BlacksL, 4-912
9/4/1909Faucette Park, Argenta, AREagle Blacks13


"The Tigers, Little Rock’s crack negro team, will play the Eagle Blacks, a fast negro team from southwestern Arkansas at Faucette park in Argenta this afternoon. Pharmer, the Tigers’ star pitcher, who has not lost a game this season, will work for his team. Pharmer has won nine straight games this season. He is said to have terrific speed and marvelous curves. Jones will do the receiving. A good crowd is looked for today, as this is the last at-home game of the Tigers before the team leaves on the last road trip"14

"The Tigers, Little Rock’s fast negro team, defeated the Eagle Blacks in a well-played game at Faucette park, Argenta, yesterday, by a score of 9 to 3. Palmer, the Tigers’ veteran pitcher, was in fine form and was invincible after the Eagle team had tied the score in the fourth inning. The same teams meet again at Faucette park this afternoon. The attendance was not up to expectations yesterday, but it is hoped that the fast article of ball put up by the teams will bring out a better crowd today."15

"The Little Rock Tigers and the Eagle Blacks played another fast game at Faucette park yesterday afternoon. The first and third basemen of the Tigers were sick and this crippled the Tigers, and following this the umpire benched the shortstop. The final score was 9 to 4 in favor of the Eagles. This is the last game that the Tigers will play this season. Batteries: Tigers, Parmer, Edwards and Jones; Eagles, Williams and Smith."16

"G. W. Alston, manager of the Little Rock Tigers, the crack negro team, has called a meeting for October 5 in Little Rock for the purpose of organizing a state league, composed of negro teams for next season. It is planned to organize a six-club league. All managers interested in forming such a league are requested to be present without fail on that date." AG 9/18/1909"''17

"G. W. Alston, manager of the Little Rock Tigers, has written the sporting editor of the Gazette the following communication concerning the claim of the El Dorado Walkovers to the negro base ball championship of the state: “The El Dorado Walkovers have disputed our right to the state championship, so we are willing to own there and proved to the state of Arkansas that we are the real champions. We make no conditions except that the game be played within a reasonable time and that we receive a reasonable guarantee. We know that we have the best team and we are willing to play a series of three games to defend our title. Respectfully, G. W. Alston."18


Butler 19
Crusoe 20
Hilton 21
Jones 22
Knox 23
Palmer 24
Reed 25
Tallery 26
Thomas 27
Wiley 28 29
Young 30