Jaycee Park

Jaycee Park is a baseball park in Hot Springs, AR and was the home field of the Hot Springs Bathers form 1947-55. It was also used by the Chicago White Sox organization for minor league spring training from 1948-1951.


Jaycee Park was built in 1947 to replace Whittington Park. It is situated on the southern of end the of a parcel of land long-used for baseball in Hot Springs. It was originally the site of Majestic Park and later Dean Field, and is the currently part of the Jaycee Park Baseball Complex.

In addition to hosting the Hot Springs Bathers of the Cotton States League, the Chicago White Sox also hosted a minor league spring training camp annually at Jaycee Park from 1948-1951.

The field still exists, but the original grandstand does not. When it was built, Jaycee Park included a large grandstand with box seats behind homeplate. Club and umpire rooms were located underneath the grandstand. Later, concrete bleachers were built on the 1st base line. Directly behind these bleachers are a set train tracks that sat high up on a bed, plenty high enough to see the ball game from there. The trains that ran on the tracks a nuisance to the park guest, as well as to those who sat on the tracks to watch the game. The bleachers still remain at the park and a small grandstand now sits behind homeplate.


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