Frank Compton

Franklin M. Compton, born in May, 1856 in Little Rock, Arkansas, was an amatuer baseball player for various Little Rock teams, most notably the Accidentals Base Ball Club.

Frank was the oldest son of Frank Compton Sr, a physician from North Carolina. He grew up well, and like many upper-class boys at the time, he took up an interest in baseball. By the time he was 14 in 1871, he began playing for various Little Rock teams. In 1875, he joined the Accidentals, helping the team compete in and win the Foul Flag Association. Later that year, Compton and the Accidentals played a series of exhibition games with the St. Louis Red Stockings, but lost both games.

Primarily a first baseman, Compton continued playing with the Accidentals in 1876. Years later, Compton again played with the Accidentals in 1881 when the team was briefly revived. However, that was likely his last baseball endeavor. He took a job as an accountant and married Ava Mandeville. Together, the couple had three children. Frank Compton died April 17th, 1910 in Fort Smith, AR