Ed Tracy

Edward F. Tracey was a professional baseball player. He was likely a native of New Haven, CT, where he perhaps worked in the oyster business. There, he was captain of a local team known as the Oyster Point Base Ball Club and participated on a row team for Smith Brothers oyster firm.

In 1886, Tracey began catching for 17-year old pitcher and shortstop Tommy Corcoran. When the Little Rock Baseball Association showed interest in signing the young pitched, they signed Tracey too, and both traveled south together, forming one of the club’s two batterymate combos. Corcoran later went on to have a lengthy big league career.

However, Tracey did not. He may have played with Little Rock’s Southwestern Association team in 1887 too, but his career in baseball seems to have been confined near his hometown of New Haven. He played with the New Haven Blues in 1887 and West Haven in 1891. And when the Connecticut State League was proposed in 1894, Tracy was listed among the available catchers in New Haven.