Colored Interstate League (1922)

The Colored Interstate League was a Negro baseball league that operated in Arkansas and Louisiana in 1922.


The league was organized during a two-day meeting on June 5th-6th in McGehee, AR.1 James C. Oliver of Little Rock was elected President of the league, with Jame McCrary of Monroe, LA as vice president; T. G. Hobson of Pine Bluff as secretary; H. Y. Avant of McGehee treasurer and J. R. Booker as attorney.

The league opened around June 13th. The first half of the season concluded on July 22nd with Little Rock in first place.2 There is no indication that the second half of the league schedule was played.


On June 8th, 1922 the Arkansas Gazette reported that the league had been organized at a meeting in McGehee, AR, with clubs in Little Rock, Pine Bluff, El Dorado, McGehee and Helena in Arkansas, and Monroe, LA.3 On June 15th, 1922, the Monroe News-Star mentioned league clubs in the same six cities.4 However, on June 13th, the Arkansas Gazette listed Bastrop, LA as a league club instead of Helena.5

Bastrop or Helena
El Dorado
Little Rock A. B. C.'s
Monroe Black Giants
Pine Bluff Athletics