Dubisson Tigers.
Dubisson Tigers.
Welcome to the Arkansas Baseball Encyclopedia, a free online resource documenting the history of how Arkansas has influenced baseball and how baseball has influenced Arkansas. Moreover, this project hopes to remind Arkansans of a shared heritage of sport that transcends era, age and race by reconnecting Arkansans to family lore; by illustrating both our need for equality and our failures to achieve it; and by celebrating the simple goodnesses of community and play that are innate to the people of Arkansas.

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Among the major projects of the Encyclopedia are to document the history the Professional Baseball and Negro League Baseball in Arkansas.

Professional Baseball History

  • Professional Baseball Players from Arkansas: Arkansans have played professional baseball for more than 135 years. The Encyclopedia’s database includes hundreds of both major leaguers and minor leaguers with connections to Arkansas, dating from the 1880s to the present.

  • Spring Training in Arkansas: One of Arkansas' greatest contributions to baseball history is the development of spring training. Originating in the city of Hot Springs, pre-season baseball camps were once hosted in numerous cities around Arkansas. The Encyclopedia includes year-by-year details of when and where those spring training camps occurred.

  • Minor League Baseball in Arkansas: Almost every sizable town in Arkansas once hosted minor league baseball, and some parts of the states even had their own minor leagues. The Encyclopedia’s year-by-year lists break down when and where those teams and leagues operated.

Negro League Baseball History

Other Features