Missouri Pacific Boosters (Pine Bluff)

The Missouri Pacific Boosters were a Negro baseball team based in Pine Bluff, AR in the 1930s. The team may have played in the Negro Southern League in 1933.


The Missouri Pacific railroad sponsored many "Booster Clubs" for employees during the first half the 20th century. Many of these clubs also sponsored baseball teams, both black and white. As a result, there were many baseball teams known as the Missouri Pacific Boosters, including others in Arkansas. To distinguish the Pine Bluff team, they were sometimes called the "Pine Bluff Boosters" or the "Missouri Pacific Boosters of Pine Bluff."


The Arkansas Gazette reported that the Boosters replaced the Jackson, MS team in the Negro Southern League in July, 1933.1


5/?/1933Pine Bluff, ARClaybrook TigersL792
5/?/1933Pine Bluff, ARClaybrook TigersL393
5/?/1933Pine Bluff, ARClaybrook TigersW324
7/16/1933Pine Bluff, ARLittle Rock Stars 5
7/22/1933Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock StarsL486
7/23/1933Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock StarsL45First game.7
7/23/1933Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock StarsL37Second game.8
4/29/1934Crump Park, Little Rock, ARLittle Rock StarsL349
6/3/1934Claybrook, ARClaybrook TigersW4210
6/17/1934Pine Bluff, ARDubisson TigersL4711
6/19/1934Claybrook, ARClaybrook Tigers 12
8/5/1934Pine Bluff, ARDubisson TigersL1313
9/23/1934Pine Bluff, ARDubisson Tigers 14
6/14/1936Crump Park, Little Rock, ARDubisson Tigers 15
5/?/1938Grady, ARGrady TigersW10716


Duncan 17
Gardner 18
Hinton 19
Neal 20

Henry 21
Cooper 22

Other Players
Arthur Ellis5/17/1912 in Pine Bluff, AR5/10/2010 in Manteno, IL23

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