Little Rock Rose Buds (1894)

The Little Rock Rose Buds, otherwise known as the Rose City Base Ball Club, were a professional baseball team based in Little Rock, AR in 1894. The team participated in the Arkansas State League.


The team was managed by Miles A. Stone, a professor at Little Rock Commercial College.

More than forty years after the season of 1894, Little Rock player Bill Kemmer recalled the Rose Buds in a letter to The Sporting News:

"I believe I played in the first successful electric light game ever staged. It was in 1894 in Little Rock, Ark., when that city was in the Arkansas State League. They called our team the Rose Buds . . . The other teams could not beat us and the league disbanded in the middle of the season. We continued as an independent team. Professor [Miles A.] Stone, who owned a business college, backed the club and among the players were Lew McAllister, Harry Martz, Pierce Childs, Charles Weber, Jimmy Hornibroke [sic] and [Russell] Steinoff [sic]."1


The following is a record of games played by Little Rock, with a presumably complete record of league games:

4/12/1894Fort Smith, ARFort SmithW65Non-League Game
4/13/1894Fort Smith, ARFort SmithT1717Non-League Game
4/14/1894Fort Smith, ARFort SmithW93Non-League Game
4/26/1894 Hot SpringsL Non-League Game
4/27/1894 Hot SpringsW Non-League Game
4/30/1894Little Rock, ARFort SmithL59Non-League Game
5/1/1894Little Rock, ARFort SmithW51Non-League Game
5/2/1893Little Rock, ARFort SmithW87Non-League Game
5/3/1894Little Rock, ARFort SmithW73Non-League Game
5/7/1894 Fort SmithL23Non-League Game
5/8/1894 Fort SmithL26Non-League Game
5/9/1894 Fort SmithW54Non-League Game
5/10/1894 CamdenW Non-League Game
5/11/1894 CamdenW Non-League Game
5/12/1894 CamdenW Non-League Game
5/14/1894 Pine BluffW156Non-League Game
5/16/1894Fort Smith, ARFort SmithL12Non-League Game
5/17/1894Fort Smith, AR Fort SmithW172Non-League Game
5/18/1894Fort Smith, AR Fort SmithW61Non-League Game
5/19/1894Little Rock, ARMemphisL116Non-League Game
5/28/1894 MemphisL Non-League Game
5/30/1894Little Rock, ARCamdenW214League Game
5/31/1894Little Rock, ARCamdenW League Game
6/1/1894Little Rock, ARCamdenW League Game
6/4/1894Camden, ARCamdenL League Game
6/5/1894Camden, ARCamdenL League Game
6/6/1894Camden, ARCamdenW League Game
6/?/1894Hot Springs, ARHot SpringsW League Game
6/8/1894Hot Springs, ARHot SpringsW League Game
6/9/1894Hot Springs, ARHot SpringsW76League Game
6/11/1894Little Rock, ARMorriltonW League Game
6/12/1894Little Rock, ARMorriltonL League Game
6/13/1894Little Rock, ARMorriltonW League Game
6/14/1894Little Rock, ARHot SpringsW League Game
6/15/1894Little Rock, ARHot SpringsW League Game
6/16/1894Little Rock, ARHot SpringsW League Game
6/18/1894 Greenville, MSW Non-League Game
6/19/1894 Greenville, MSW Non-League Game
6/20/1894 Greenville, MSW Non-League Game
6/23/1894 CamdenL League Game
6/23/1894 CamdenL League Game
6/23/1894Arkansas State League folds.
6/25/1894 MorriltonL Non-League Game
6/26/1894 MorriltonW Non-League Game
6/27/1904 MorriltonW74Non-League Game
7/13/1904Little Rock, ARUncle JoesW64Non-League Game. First Night Game in AR.


Joseph Bammert2 12/19/1872 in Cincinnati, OH12/7/1935 in Cincinnati, OH
Briggs Possibly Buttons Briggs
Pearce Chiles5/28/1867 in Deepwater, MO MLB 1899-1900
James Hornibrook1/17/1874 in Little Rock, AR 10/22/1937 in Little Rock, AR
Bill Kemmer11/15/1873 in PA6/8/1945 in Washington, DCMLB 1895
B. Marshal
Cook Martin10/22/1874 in AR9/7/1900 in Little Rock, AR
Henry MartzAbt. 1865 in MS Jackson, MS
Lewis "Sport" McAllister7/23/1874 in Austin, MS7/17/1962 in Wyandotte, MIMLB 1896-1903
Gus Rammers3
Paul Russell3/23/1871 in Reading, PA10/8/1957 in Norristown, PAMLB 1894
Scott Probably E. W. Scott4
Russell Steinhoff6/12/1857 in Middlesex County, Canada Little Rock Resident
Charles Weber10/22/1868 in Cincinnati, OH6/13/1914 in Beaumont, TXMLB 1898

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3 Arkansas Gazette, 2/24/1895
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