Hot Springs Sluggers (1923)

The Hot Springs Sluggers was a Negro league baseball team based in Hot Springs, AR in 1923.


The Dallas Morning News advertised a series of games between Hot Springs and the Dallas Black Giants in early September.1


9/1/1923Dallas, TXDallas Black GiantsL2102
9/2/1923Dallas, TXDallas Black GiantsL 3
9/3/1923Dallas, TXDallas Black Giants Rainout.4


"The Hot Springs Sluggers who performed here two days, Saturday and Sunday and was rained out Monday (Labor Day) was no match for the Dallas Black Giants in the pair of game played. The visitors were defeated in the opening game 10 to 2 with Burdine chunking. The second fracas was also a victory for the giants, this time Pitcher Sampson of the local pitching staff chaproned [sic] the Giant Horde in another win."5