Deadball Era Players

The following is a list of Deadball Era Players with connections to Arkansas:

PlayerYears ProBirthNotes
William Kolley 1885-1885Abt. 1860 Lived in Little Rock, AR ca. 1882-1885
Russell Steinhoff 1885-18986/12/1857 in Middlesex County, ONLived in Little Rock, AR ca. 1883-1895
Emmett Rogers 1887-189810/11/1867 in Hot Springs, AR
Hunter Counts 1887-1887Abt. 1861 in Little Rock, AR
Robert Allen1887-19007/10/1867 in Marion, OH Lived in Little Rock, AR
Gallatin Scott 1888-18898/18,/1869 in Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Claude Marcum 1889-1900Abt. 1869 in AR
Charles Sherwood 1892-1895 ". . . an Arkansas boy", Sporting Life, 2/18/1893
Dave Wyatt ca. 1896-19056/19/ in Ohio Negro Leaguer, Lived in Hot Springs, AR
Charles Hodge 1896-1896 From Coal Hill, AR
Harry Kane 1900-19137/27/1883 in Hamburg, AR
Boss Schmidt 1901-19249/12/1880 in London, AR
Gabbie Millinerca 1901-191111/27/1878 in Hot Springs, AR Negro Leaguer
Bert Maxwell 1904-191410/17/1886 in Texarkana, AR
Angelo Marre 1904-1906Abt. 1883 in Arkansas
Bill Bailey 1906-19254/12/1888 in Fort Smith, AR
Charles Keith 1906-19092/28/1883 in Hot Springs, AR Attended University of Arkansas
Fenna Rogers 1907-191011/29/1881 in Pottsville, AR
Brown Rogers 1907-19136/12/1884 in Pottsville, AR
Otis Brazell 1907-191210/3/1885 in AR
Edgar Cowan 1907-191112/8/1885 in Clarksville, AR
Elmer Coyle 1907-19154/5/1885 in Coal Hill, AR Attended University of Arkansas
Jack Love 1907-19164/5/1881 in Russellville, AR
Dwight Blackwood1908-191212/24/1886 in Osceola, AR
Lum Croxton 1908-1909Abt. 1890 in MSNegro Leaguer, Lived in Argenta, AR
Carl V. Ware 1908-19096/28/1886 in Arcadia, LALived in Pine Bluff, AR
Ray Powell 1908-193611/20/1888 in Siloam Springs, AR
Pat Folbre 1908-19119/2/1887 in Forrest City, AR
Walter Schmidt 1908-19293/20/1887 in London, AR
Norman Coyle 1909-19229/13/1889 in ARAttended University of Arkansas
Rube Robinson 1909-19298/16/1887 in Floyd, AR
Zeke Erwin1909-19157/13/1888 in Wenona, IL Lived in Stuggart, AR
John Vann 1909-19296/7/1890 in Fairfield, OK Attended University of Arkansas
Bill Luhrsen1910-19154/14/1884 in Buckley, IL Lived in Little Rock, AR
Jack McAdams 1910-191212/17/1886 in Bryant, AR
Millard Sloan1910-19104/14/1889 in Imboden, AR
Doc Wiley 1910-19231/11887 in Vernon, LA Negro Leaguer, Attended Arkansas Baptist College
Leslie Hayes 1911-19292/6/1892 in Conway, AR
George "Rube" Foster1911-19251/5/1888 in Lehigh, OK Lived in Fort Smith, AR
Clinton G Milford1911-19116/29/1889 in ARAttended University of Arkansas
Gene Paulette 1911-19205/1891 in Centralia, Ill Lived in Little Rock, AR
Lee Herring 1912-19127/22/1891 in Danville, AR
Morley Jennings 1912-19131/23/1890 in Holland, MI Lived in Arkadelphia, AR
Possum Moore 1912-1929 3/18/1892 in Fort Smith, AR
Chuck Tompkins1912-19129/1/1889 in Prescott, AR Attended University of Arkansas
L.E. Percy Hinton1913-1913 Attended university of Arkansas
Oscar Baber 1913-191310/28/1890 in Clark County, AR Attended University of Arkansas
George Harper1913-19366/24/1892 in Arlington, KY Lived in Magnolia, AR
Mutt Williams1913-19277/31/1892 in Ozark, AR
Roy Wood 1913-19168/29/1892 in Monticello, AR Attended University of Arkansas
Dixie Leverett1914-19313/29/1894 in Georgetown, TXResided in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Thomas Toland1914-192411/18/1894 in Mineral Springs, AR
Boyd Cypert 1914-19148/8/1889 in Little Rock, AR Attended University of Arkansas
Red Day 1914-19219/17/1888 in Harmony, AR
Ralph Abington 1914-19226/28/1893 in Fort Smith, AR
Benjiman Karr 1914-193111/28/1893 in Mount Pleasant, MS Lived in Arkansas
Fizer Russ 1914-19141/27/1892 in El Paso, AR
Clyde McCarty 1914-1922 3/2/1892 in Clifton City, MO Lived in Fort Smith, AR
Babe Ellison1915-192811/15/1896 in Ola, AR Attended University of Arkansas
Bill Fincher1915-19265/26/1894 in Atlanta, GA Lived in Holly Grove, AR
Aaron Ward 1915-19338/28/1896 in Booneville, AR
Jim Huey Walkup 1915-193611/3/1895 in Havana, AR
Jimmy Zinn 1915-19391/21/1895 in Benton, AR
Earl Smith 1916-19312/14/1897 in Sheridan, AR
Milt Watson 1916-19191/10/1890 in Flovilla, GA Lived in Arkansas
Scrappy Moore 1917-192412/16/1892 in St. Louis, MO Lived in Little Rock, AR
Harry Kenyon 1917-19294/10/1894 in Arkadelphia, AR Negro Leauger
Floyd Gardner1917-19319/27/1895 in Russellville, ARNegro Leaguer
Glenn Myatt 1918-19377/9/1897 in Argenta, AR
Lefty York 1919-192111/1/1892 in West Fork, AR
Ginger Shinault1919-19309/7/1892 in Benton, AR
Grady Adkins 1919-19336/29/1897 in Jacksonville, AR
Charles Spearman1919-192911/3/1891 in Arkadelphia, AR Negro Leaguer