Babe Ruth Home Run, Whittington Park, Hot Springs, AR March 17th,1918

Babe Ruth's Home Run at Whittington Park in Hot Springs, AR on March 17th, 1918 was a notably long home run that has been the subject of historical speculation, particularly in regards to estimations of how far the ball was hit. See also Babe Ruth Home Run, Whittington Park, Hot Springs, AR March 23rd, 1918.



Newspaper Reports

"This paragraph will introduce our new first sacker, Hal Chase Ruth. It was not alone the way the way the big Oriole boy played the first sack that brought the fans to their feet, but two home run crashes. One landed in a pile of lumber in extreme left center and the other not only scaled the right field barrier, but continued on to the alligator farm, the intrusion kicking up no end of commotion among the “Gators.”" - Boston Globe, 3/18/1918, p.41

"The big pitcher [Ruth] hooked two beautiful home runs, one far over the fence and the other over the centre-fielder’s head on the line. The first mentioned probably was the longest hit ever made on the local grounds."Boston Herald, 3/18/19182

"Babe Ruth up to bat just three times was purposely walked the first time at bat but he got revenge later on. Appearing at the plate in the third, with a man on base, he caught hold of a low line to the right of the centre fielder, walking about the bases for the easiest of home runs. And two sessions later, this time with the sacks untenanted, he drove the ball so far over the right field fence for a second circuit clout that even the players of the Brooklyn team themselves had to arise to the occasion and cheer. It was a great day for Babe, who played a wonderful game."– Boston Post, 3/18/1918, p.83

Estimations of Distance