Art Passarella

Arthur Matthew Passarella, born December 23rd, 1909 in Rochester, NY, was professional baseball umpire from 1937-1956. He resided in Pine Bluff, AR for many years.


Passarella was born in New York, but moved to Los Angeles circa 19191 . He began umpiring in the Evangeline League in 1937. While working in the Cotton States League later that season, he met his future wife, Evelina Laurich, at Pine Bluff, AR. The couple married on March 14th, 1938 near Hot Springs, AR. The Passarellas soon bought a home in Pine Bluff and took up residence there2 .

After his umpire career, Passarella became an actor and appeared in a number of television shows and movies.

Passarella died on October 12th, 1981, in Hemet, CA and was buried in Graceland Cemetery in Pine Bluff, AR.


"Although a native California, Umpire Art Passarella, rejoining the American League after his discharge from the Army, has bought a home at Pine Bluff, Ark. The reason: Mrs. Passarella was a Pine Bluff resident before their marriage."3

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